Lean Sigma Training: Delivering Proven Returns
Lean Sigma:
A Practitioner's Guide (Wedgwood)

Lean Sigma is about linkage of tools, not using tools individually. In fact, none of the tools are new—the strength of approach is in the sequence of tools. The ability to understand the theory of tools is important. When training Lean Sigma, we go beyond theory and provide an experience-based focus on how to apply and sequence the tools properly.

Haelan Group has trained Lean Sigma practitioners at every level within a deployment 
​​structure, from executives providing leadership and integration through all level of Lean Sigma tools and methods.

Immediate ROI
During Lean Sigma project leaders and team member's training, participants work through a chartered project on a specific business problem from their organization to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the course. Results from these completed projects most often cover the cost of training. 
Lean Sigma Training
The following Lean Sigma (LS) Training Courses are taught by Haelan Group consultants at client-provided facilities. Material sets, in most cases, are modified to better focus on the particular client's goals and context.

LS White Belt
Executive LS Yellow Belt
LS Yellow Belt
LS Green Belt
LS Black Belt
LS for Process Owners
Haelan Group, LLC.
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Program Deployment
Design & Implementation
Advancing Leadership
- Development
- Management Systems
Lean Sigma
Minitab® 17 is the preferred statistical software used within Haelan Group training modules. Haelan Group can help arrange a free-trial of the software for training purposes.
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