Ian Wedgwood, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Founder
Dr. Wedgwood has over two decades of experience in guiding organizations through the difficulties of change. He has designed and led dozens of performance excellence deployments globally in industries as diverse as healthcare, electronics, engineered materials, banking, medical devices and chemicals. He has lectured on the topic at national forums such as IHI and ACPE, and as far afield as China at the invitation of their healthcare industry leadership.
In the words of our founder...

..."Our approach is simple and true: We identify and align corporate strategic initiatives, engage leadership to recognize the roles, responsibilities and accountability required to succeed and then change the organization.Though there are a lot of tools involved in our success, it is based on building the right relationship with the client in order to be able to make the necessary changes.

Haelan Group consultants all have many years of experience in the deployment of performance improvement methodologies. They come from industries that have been in the same situations as your leadership team, who have the know-how to advance projects to a successful completion."
Haelan Group Consultants: Passionate and Perspective

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