We identify and align corporate strategic initiatives, engage leadership to recognize the roles, responsibilities and accountability required to succeed and then change the organization.

Define Your Summit
With a true perspective on what there is to be accomplished (the Big Picture), companies are able to systematically break up the sometimes complex issues into functional and practical projects or initiatives that fall within the resource (people/time) capacities of the organizations.

Putting Realities in Place 
By identifying, sorting and prioritizing pending and mission critical projects, leaders can successfully managing projects moving forward. 
Process Standardization is Fundamental
Depending on the complexity of the projects and the time frame desired for completion, projects can be facilitated and completed by Haelan Group's professional Lean Sigma Practitioners or begin the internalization of the program by training specific internal resources in the Lean Sigma methodology.

Getting Excellence to Spread
As leaders begin to experience early wins from completed projects, their attention will focus on how to grow and sustain the success of the Performance Improvement program. A management system, specifically designed for your organization, is put into place to maximize the capabilities and potentials of the Performance Improvement program. 

Process Standardization
is Fundamental.
​The goal of process standardization is to capture standard work processes, associated metrics and controls within all services areas of an organization. Value assessment, accountability and management of that service is then reviewed and made efficient.

Haelan Group LENS® Program
Leadership Excellence Navigator Session (LENS) is a two-day facilitated workshop with executive and senior leadership that is designed to discover, prioritize and plan for the resolution of complex, system-wide problems or opportunities. A framework is devised – along with a budget, resource allocations and an estimated Return on Investment.
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