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ED Transformations: Improving Functionality and Profitability

by Haelan Group on 02/14/14

Leaders and Healthcare Professionals working in Emergency Departments across the country are challenged to find solutions to help them with increased demands and overcrowding. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report that nearly 50% of ED's are operating "at or above capacity" with "9 out of 10 hospitals report holding or "boarding" admitted patients while they await inpatient beds".

Read the full report: "Addressing ED crowding should be at the forefront of your organization's improvement efforts."

Many of the problems within an ED are related to flow and effectiveness and are usually improved through the reduction of the Length of Stay (LOS) and Left Without Being Seen (LWBS). From a financial measurement perspective, the Cost per Visit needs to be understood and managed. This would involve issues
surrounding staffing to demand. Another related aspect is patient ratios. Maintaining a ratio of 4:1 or less is desirable and only managed to that level when the staffing to demand is under control.

The good news is there are proven strategies and solutions to thrive in the face of these difficulties. Read an Example Approach in our document: "Improving Functionality and Profitability within a Hospital Emergency Department".

Welcome to the Haelan Group Blog

by Haelan Group on 02/12/14

As a feature of the new Haelan Group website, we are looking to actively use this blog to post what we feel to be interesting stories, articles and information of use to our clients who are working towards improving their organization's performance and quality. We hope you find these posts interesting.

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