Recognizing the need to improve revenue, reduce costs or develop new products and services are seen as the life blood of any organization. 

Within healthcare organizations, there are common issues that are associated with significant rewards and returns, if dealt with in a complete and comprehensive manner.

Decreasing Cash Lead Time
The time from the patient’s discharge to revenue showing up can be an obvious and relatively straightforward performance improvement target. Many organizations have received a multiple seven-figure one-time increase in cash to their balance sheet, all within a very brief period.

Reducing Cycle Time to Gain Capacity
Equipment sitting idle due to non-value added steps can greatly reduce a facility’s ability to process patients and deliver the right services quickly and as needed. A robust methodology that is capable of improving a hospital’s ability to understand and enhance the efficiency of specialized equipment, treatment rooms and surgical suites is needed.

Mission Critical Projects
Often within some areas of improvement, there is considerable need for confidentiality and low-volume communications due to the sensitivity of the information at hand. In these cases, having a non-employee group manage the project is necessary to providing results within these criteria.

For more on Mission Critical Projects see: Scope of Services.

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Good to Grow: Revenue, Cost Reduction & New Products 
Business development, as

in positioning your company 

to grow, should be the focus.

Every action, decision, 

investment in resource or 

funding, needs to fulfill 

criteria for growing 

​Remember, if there is not 

growth – then it is dying.

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