Wherever there are transactions or operational processes taking place within an organization, there is going to be an opportunity to improve costs and increase effectiveness and efficiencies. Powerful Performance Improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma can increase capacity and accuracy, build robustness and maximize use of available resources.

For You or With You.
Haelan Group can solve your most mission critical projects as well as train teams in Lean Sigma tools and methods, starting you on the path to a comprehensive enterprise-wide program.

Performance Improvement is a method for analyzing performance problems and setting up systems to improve business-level value.
    Haelan Group guides the development of the necessary organizational framework and competencies to achieve integrated solutions across quality and performance goals.

Where should it begin? 
Leadership should first understand the institutional context within which a Performance Improvement program takes place, recognizing the goals of the organization and then be prepared lead to expectation to reach these goals.


In Lean Sigma: A Practitioner’s Guide, Dr. Ian Wedgwood captures best-practice Lean Sigma experience from multiple projects and industries, helping any professional identify the solution that will work best—and implement it.
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"There is absolutely no doubt that Lean and Six Sigma as process improvement methodologies deliver results, as proven consistently countless times over literally thousands of projects across hundreds of businesses."

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Successful implementation of a Performance Improvement program is not guaranteed by simply following a model. Leadership must be given an understanding of the purpose of the program and then be able to lead to that purpose. 

Globalizing Your Success
A Performance Improvement Management System integrates and connects an organizations’ overall strategic initiatives down to the front line in a manner that is actionable and measurable. 
    By determining the core processes and establishing standard work procedures, leadership, as well as the front line staff, are now able to manage and improve performance as desired.

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